Manufacture and sale of attachments for Special-Purpose Machines

German technologies in Cuban quarries!


Volvo L350 loaders equipped with Reschke buckets have been successfully operating in the quarries of a regular Reschke Rus customer from the Caribbean coast for several years. Having made sure of the high quality of attachments from the Ivanovo manufacturer, the client expands its fleet of machinery and equipment.

8-ton extra-heavy duty rock backhoe bucket with volume of 5.7 cbm is the first of a large package sent to a regular customer in Cuba.

Reschke Russia buckets are protected as much as possible from abrasive wear and the Swedish-made Combi W30 tooth system. It will be installed on Liebherr R 980 excavators and will be used in harsh conditions at the quarry.

Attachments for quarry equipment Reschke Rus is made exclusively for the needs of the client using German drawings and developments. High quality guarantees a long service life under the most extreme conditions.

The Combi Wear Parts tooth system has effective shock absorption. The specially designed profile makes it easier to cut into the ground. Installation of the tooth on the adapter is carried out using a re-usable retainer in the form of a wedge-shaped stopper and a spacer bolt, which eliminates slipping and loss of teeth. The wear indicator allows you to make a change in a timely manner with maximum abrasion, eliminating unwanted breakdowns of attachments and expensive downtime of equipment!

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