Manufacture and sale of attachments for Special-Purpose Machines

Especially for Switzerland!


Production of excavator buckets is one of the main activities of Reschke Russia.

Huge experience and German developments allow us to produce goods of the highest quality, various configurations for all types of equipment and work performed. The production uses both standard drawings and unique designs for a specific customer.

For example, Reschke Russia has been producing reinforced buckets for individual excavators for several years by special order of the largest dealer of special equipment in Switzerland.

Attachments have a unique shape and kinematics, made of wear-resistant steel with a hardness of 450 and 500 HB, to withstand heavy loads when working with rocks in the Alps. High-quality steel of European production resists wear in operating conditions on highly abrasive soils, making buckets as resistant to abrasion as possible.

Reschke Russia buckets are installed on Volvo and Caterpillar excavators together with the innovative oilquick quick-couplers. The intelligent quick-release system allows you to change attachments in 10 seconds directly from the operator's cabin, with just one button.

More than 50 Reschke buckets have already been sent to the customer in Switzerland, and a new batch has already been manufactured and is being prepared for shipment.

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