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Block Handling Tools

Block Handling Work Tools are extreme duty tools built for the demanding quarry and block-handling markets. The complete system is based around a quick coupler and a series of rugged tools specifically for handling and manipulating large stone blocks. These tools are designed to withstand the demanding and harsh environment of block handling applications. Various work tools are available to assist operators in all block handling applications.

RESCHKE block handling tools are specialy designed for prying, loading, carrying, transporting, tilting, controling and moving very large squared blocks and bolders to get the best performance of both tools and machine.

1. Block Handling Quick Couplers

Designed to improve efficiency in the quarry operations as it allows the quick substitution of all the different wheel loader attachments. Easy to interchange tools complement each other other to provide solutions were mostly needed.

Quick Coupler 30 to 50 tons

Width 1675 mm

Height 800 mm

Weight 1210 kg

Quick coupler 50 to 85 tons

Width 1715 mm

Height 838 mm

Weight 1295 kg

Quick coupler 85 to 130 tons

Width 2000 mm

Height 1030 mm

Weight 1815 kg

2. Ripper tines and Stone forks

Ripper tines

Designed to detach and move the large sections, concentrating the full power of the machine on the front tine.

Shorter and more massive compared to Stone Forks.

Ripper tine
30 to 85 tons
Ripper tine
85 to 130 tons
Capacity, tons 100 to / 500 mm 90 to / 800 mm
as Breaker tine mm 1450 1650
bs Breaker height mm 1460 1440
cs Breaker length mm 1470 1650
ds Tine width mm 250 330
ss Tine length mm 900 1150
ts Tine thickness mm 200 260
Breaker tine weight kg 1800 3100

Stone forks

Heavy-duty Stone Forks are engineered to handle weight and load stress when maneuvering and placing blocks in quarry operations. Dual tine forks are designed to allow blocks to be placed close to the machine for greater balance and safe handling.

Stone forks
30 to 50 tons
Stone forks
50 to 85 tons
Stone forks
85 to 130 tons
Capacity, tons 30 to / 700 mm 53 to / 600 mm 98 to / 600 mm
as Fork width mm 1420 1420 1650
bs Fork width mm 1290 1290 1440
cs Fork width mm 1510 1750 1990
ds Tine width mm 300 350 420
es Width over fork tine 1410 1430 1680
ss Tine length mm 1500 1750 1990
ts Tine thickness mm 105 155 180
Fork weight kg 1800 2940 4100

3. Clearing Rakes

Used primarily for clearing and controlling loose objects at the quarry face and working levels. The block handling rake is designed with a curved boom for enhanced operator visibility and object placement. The length of the boom is matched to machine size for improved performance.

Clearing Rakes 30 to 50 tons Clearing Rakes 50 to 85 tons Clearing Rakes 85 to 130 tons
Length 6000 mm 7000 mm 8000 mm
Weight 3393 kg 5000 kg 6600 kg


4. Buckets

In order to choose the best possible bucket for your application, we kindly ask you to consult with our technical staff.

RESCHKE offers the full line of buckets and more:

Block bucket

Special bucket construction to effectively load very large squared blocks and boulders. The deep carved sides and extra long heavy-duty bottom allow the special V-edge to penetrate under large blocks. The interior bucket profile allows blocks to further fit back in the bucket for increased load and lift capabilities and better balance and rack back. It’s metal shell and bottom offers maximum strength, durability and wear life.

Rock bucket

Heavy-duty bucket which offers superior durability, protection and performance in rock and overburden operations in block quarries. It includes large size teeth and segments. Its ( high wear resistant) metal shell and bottom offer maximum strength, durability and wear life.

Marble bucket

Special bucket construction including The metal shell and bottom help the bucket effectively load large Blocks and boulders while maintaining durability. The corner teeth ease block tilting and handling. The heavy duty V-edge is particularly suited for handling high-value breakable marbles before cutting operations.

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