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Booms and Dipper

Booms and Dipper
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RESCHKE designs and manufactures operational equipment for all standard types of work, as well as for any individual tasks.

RESCHKE offers options for the type sizes of booms and dipper sticks. Various combinations of the elements of operational equipment allow to prepare an excavator for any type of work with maximum productivity.

To increase the rigidity and strength of the dipper stick and the boom, the structures are subjected to the process of removing internal stresses.

Already at the design stage, we learn the weak points of the metal structure. Booms and dippersticks are exposed to virtual loads of different directions. This allows us to produce high-quality equipment and ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment during the entire operating time.

Solutions for different tasks

Standard boom and dipper stick for performing earthwork with medium-density soils.

The shortened dipper stick (shortened operational equipment) in assembly allows creating high cutting forces and using buckets with increased volume, as well as reducing the working cycle of the excavator. Such equipment is designed to work with a large volume of soil and guarantees maximum productivity. It reduces the working range of the operational equipment due to lesser depth and radius of digging.

Reinforced operational equipment is intended for work in harsh conditions (permafrost, rocks). The equipment is made with additional protection and reinforcement in the most stressed places.

Operational equipment for reloading is intended for wheeled or crawler excavators working with garbage, scrap metal and loose material and equipped with a clamshell gripper, clamshell bucket or a magnet.

There are different options for combinations of booms and dipper sticks to obtain a large digging radius:

The dipperstick extension is fixed firmly to the standard dipper stick; the trapezium is transferred to the end of the extension.

An additional dipper stick: hanging up an additional dipperstick instead of a bucket. This dipper stick is sticked in by the standard bucket hydraulic cylinder, in turn, is equipped with an additional hydraulic cylinder for sticking rigs. Requires an additional hydraulic circuit with separate control in the excavator cab.

Video about the work of our equipment

RESCHKE Extended Attachments at Work

Terex TX-210 (amphibious excavator)

Length: 16 m; Slope bucket: 1800 mm, Additional counterweight: 2 tons.


Extended operational equipment: 18 m, Bucket: 1,000 L; Additional counterweight: 3 tons


Length: 16 m; Slope bucket: 1800 mm; Additional counterweight: 2 tons


Length: 16 m; Drain bucket; Additional counterweight: 2 tons


Reinforced dipper stick: 2.9 m.




Extended operational equipment: 22 m; Rotor grind: SIMEX; Additional counterweight: 3.5 tons


Dipper stick (front shovel)


Additional dipper stick: 2000 mm.


Dipper stick extension: 3000 mm


Length: 15000 mm; Slope bucket: 1500 mm; Additional counterweight: 2 tons


Length: 16000 mm; Bucket: 550 L; Additional counterweight: 1.8 tons


Length: 18000 mm; Light material bucket: 750 L; Additional counterweight: 2 tons.


Booms and Dipper of Our Production

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