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MB Crusher Crushing Buckets

MB Crusher Crushing Buckets MB Crusher Crushing Buckets MB Crusher Crushing Buckets
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The MB Crusher bucket is the first and original crushing bucket with a complex movement of the jaws. Unrivalled by its characteristics, it turns any working machine into a true crusher.

It is ideal for crushing inert materials on site. The MB Crusher bucket is a kind of equipment that works by using the hydraulic system of excavators, a mini loader, a loader and a backhoe loader, to which it is adapted. The equipment has many applications as follows: from the demolition of the building as a whole to the conversion of former industrial and urban areas prior to the processing of materials for excavation, from excavation to road work, from quarries to mines, from reclamation to applications on stony soil.

* from the backside;

** as well as for a telescopic handler.

 MB-L120 S2MB-L140 S2MB-L160 S2MB-L200 S2MB-C50 S2BF60.1 S4BF 70.2BF 80.3BF90.3 S4BF120.4 S4BF 135.8BF 150.10
Recommended excavator, tons - - - - - ≥ 8 ≥ 14 ≥ 18,5 ≥ 21 ≥ 30 ≥ 43 ≥ 70
Recommended mini loader, tons ≥ 2,8 ≥ 3 ≥ 4,5 ≥ 6 - - - - - - - -
Recommended backhoe loader / loader, tons ≥ 5 ≤ 7 ≥ 6 ≤ 8 **≥ 7 ≤ 10 ** ≥ 7 ≤ 10 - - - - - - - -
Backhoe loader / mini- - - - - *≥ 4 - - - - - - -
Weight, tons 0,95 0,98 1,45 1,50 0,75 1,60 2,30 3 3,50 4,80 7,50 10,50
Bucket capacity, m3 0,20 0,25 0,35 0,45 0,15 0,55 0,66 0,70 0,90 1,30 1,60 2,30
Pressure, bar 200 200 200 200 200 220 220 220 220 220 250 230
Back pressure, bar 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Oil flow, l/min 95 98 110 120 90 98 140 160 180 210 320 380
Loading gate size, mm L 730 H 250 L 740 H 250 L 1100 H 240 L 1150 H 260 L 540 H 250 L 610 H 500 L 740 H 510 L 850 H 510 L 910 H 540 L 1205 H 540 L 1300 H 600 L 1450 H 700

MB-C50 S2

The MB-C50 model is the smallest crushing bucket in the MB product line weighing less than 1 ton. It is designed to work on excavators from 4 tons in weight. It is suitable for mini-excavators and is great for small crushing work. Due to its reduced size and weight, the MB-C50 is especially useful in landscape design and areas with limited space providing high performance at its small dimensions with a capacity of up to 10 m³/h.

BF60.1 S4

The BF60.1crushing bucket despite its compact dimensions and reduced weight is durable and stable. Flexible and powerful, it is created by MB specifically for small-scale objects.

Its reduced weight and ease of installation allow to access to problematic and hard-to-reach places, such as in historic urban centers or in high-level districts.

BF 70.2

When it comes to ensuring maximum performance while maintaining compact dimensions and reduced weight, BF 70.2 comes into play. This is a cone crushing bucket suitable for excavators with weight beginning from 14 tons. Minor and medium crushing operations like demolition, utilization of aggregates, excavation on laying pipelines and road work in urban and suburban areas are an ideal application for this device. With a total weight of 2.25 tons and an opening in the bucket of 710 × 530 mm, BF 70.2 can achieve a maximum capacity of 30 m³/h, depending on the output adjustment.

BF 80.3

Suitable for excavators that exceed 18.5 tons in their weight, the BF 80.3 crusher is compact, versatile, and is used for crushing and disposal of an inert material or as a result of demolition (road work – excavation – pipes – pipelines).

Despite its size and smaller weight compared to larger models, it achieves a capacity of 34 m³/h.

BF90.3 S4

Produced and patented by MB in 2001, the BF90.3 became the world’s first crushing bucket. It is intended for the elimination of material friction on a phase of loading and for the opposition even to the most difficult conditions on a site. The BF90.3 is extremely compact and multifunctional and over the years, it has been improved and strengthened.

Suitable for all crushing operations, even the toughest, while maintaining its level of performance with any type of inert material.

BF120.4 S4

The crushing bucket BF120.4 is designed to meet the specific requirements for the crushing in quarries, dumps, and other dismantling operations.

This is versatile and powerful equipment, which in just a few years has established a strong presence in the crushing sector in large urban and non-urban sites.

BF 135.8

Suitable for excavators weighing more than 43 tonnes, the BF 135.8 crushing bucket was designed to meet the specific needs of crushing in quarries, for operations of aggregate recycling in landfills, to reduce the volume of materials arising from demolition in large areas, or for excavation, sewerage and preparation of aggregates. Its productivity is 88 m³/h, the capacity is about 1.60 m³ and the total weight is 7.50 tons. The BF 135.8 crushing bucket is versatile and convenient.

BF 150.10

Unique in its kind in terms of dimensions and performance, the BF 150.10 is the world’s largest crushing bucket. It is designed for excavators of more than 70 tons in weight and is ideal for use in quarries, at mining operations and general crushing at large work sites. The crushing bucket BF 150.10 yields high results in its productivity and efficiency. Weighing more than 10 tons with a carrying capacity of 2.30 m³, the BF 150.10 crushing bucket is the equipment capable to show performance more than 120 m³/h. With an unsurpassed bucket hole of 1450 × 700 mm and an output adjustment of 100 to 200 mm, this mechanism is necessary for primary crushing in quarries and large-scale operations.

MB-L120 S2

A small but high-performance MB-L120 S2 crushing bucket meets the needs arising in small yards and confined spaces. It is suitable for loaders having the weight of 2.80 tons and a backhoe attachment between 5 and 7 tons.

The bucket is easy to transport because it is compact, convenient, and easy to use and does not require high maintenance expenses.

MB-L140 S2

Small, compact, and easy to use despite its small dimensions, this equipment offers the highest standards of performance and quality. The MB-L140 S2 crushing bucket is suitable for wheel loaders with weight from 3 tons and excavators between 6 to 8 tons. This bucket is the perfect combination of versatility, performance, and usability.

MB-L160 S2

A perfect combination of efficiency and mobility, designed to meet the needs of backhoe loaders and backhoe loaders, while maintaining the power and performance of MB products. The MB-L160 S2 crushing bucket is suitable for wheel loaders with weight from 4.50 tons and excavators between 7 and 10 tons. Its space-saving dimensions make it efficient and easy to use.

MB-L200 S2

The MB-L200 S2 bucket is manufactured of the same materials and with the same technologies as the entire MB range of crushing buckets. It was developed on the basis of specific requirements for work with backhoe loaders and excavators.

The MB-L200 S2 crushing bucket is suitable for skid steer loaders starting from 6 tons and backhoe between 7 and 10 tons. The modified bucket shape does not affect the high performance and stability of MB products.

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