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Reschke hydrohammers, Light Series

Hydraulic hammers of light series are used on excavators and the mini loaders from 1 to 9 tons and have a simple design, show reliability, and efficiency. According to their layout and schematic solution, the RESCHKE hydraulic hammers differ from the same type tools by the lack of a circuit pneumohydraulic accumulator within their pressure line. The impact energy of hydraulic hammer is created due to high pressure accumulating in the pneumatic chamber during arming the block head of a hammer.

Reschke hydrohammers 300 Reschke hydrohammers 400 Reschke hydrohammers 500 Reschke hydrohammers 600
Model Reschke 300 Reschke 400 Reschke 500 Reschke 600
Weight, kg 130 160 315 335-395
Basic vehicle weight, tons 1-4 3-6 5-9 6-9
Impact hammer blow frequency, imp./min 600-1200 550-1200 450-900 400-900
Impact energy, J 400 480 849 1210
Tool diameter, mm 46 53 68 75

Reschke Hydrohammers, Medium Series

Hydraulic hammers of the medium series have found their application in the construction and dismantling of bridge supports and the demolition of structures with large volumes of work. Hydraulic hammers of the medium series are equipped with hydropneumatic diaphragm accumulators, which allow to increase the efficiency of work and to smooth out the impact on the basic vehicle. The energy and frequency of impacts of hydroequipment can be adjusted in the medium series of RESCHKE hydrohammers.

Reschke hydrohammers 700 Reschke hydrohammers 1000S Reschke hydrohammers 1500S Reschke hydrohammers 2000S
Model Reschke 700 Reschke 1000S Reschke 1500S Reschke 2000S
Weight, kg 473 950 1300 1750
Basic vehicle weight, tons 7-12 9-18 13-21 18-26
Impact hammer blow frequency, imp./min 450-800 450-800 400-900 400-800
Impact energy, J 1764 2443 4234 5290
Tool diameter, mm 85 100 120 135

Reschke Hydrohammers, Heavy Duty Series

Hydrohammers of heavy duty series are used for professional crushing in the development of quarries and mines containing granite, basalt and other high-strength materials. Hydrohammers of heavy duty series are equipped with hydropneumatic diaphragm accumulators, which allow to increase the efficiency of work and to smooth the impact on the basic vehicle. The energy and frequency of impacts can be adjusted in the RESCHKE hydrohammers.

Reschke hydrohammers 3500S Reschke hydrohammers 4500S Reschke hydrohammers 5000S
Model Reschke 3500S Reschke 4500S Reschke 5000S
Weight, kg 2240 2860 4250
Basic vehicle weight, tons 28-40 33-50 45-65
Impact hammer blow frequency, imp./min 350-700 300-600 250-450
Impact energy, J 7200 9970 13125
Tool diameter, mm 150 160 180
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7 reasons Why Buying hydrohammers from us is profitable

1. Increased body protection
The lower part of the body is made of ultrastrong steel with a hardness of HB400, thus protecting the lower part of the internals and the sleeve from impacts against a rock to be destroyed.

2. Service lifetime of consumables
The presence of damper (polyurethane) seals between the internals and the body helps to reduce vibration transmitted from the hammer to the excavator working equipment and then to the supporting and turning arrangement (STA). This prolongs the service life of excavator consumables.

3. Adjusting the energy and frequency of impact
There are adjustments of the energy and frequency of impact in the Reschke hydraulic hammers. To pass difficult areas with high strength, energy can be increased by 10-15%, and if the work site does not require high impact energy (for example, when removing the road surface), it can be reduced thereby increasing the frequency of impact. In both situations, you achieve the maximum productivity of the hydro hammer, depending on the type of work.

4. Increased impact energy
The presence of a hydraulic accumulator together with a chamber filled with nitrogen allows to increase impact energy.

5. Automatic lubrication
Reschke hydraulic hammers are provided with an optional automatic lubrication. This lubricant is installed on the hammer and ensures regular lubrication of the working tool to increase its service life.

6. Warranty is 1 year
The warranty for all the Reshke Rus LLC products is 12 months.

7. Consumables are always available
The availability of consumables in the Reshke Rus warehouses allows you to quickly service the entire line of hydraulic equipment.

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