Manufacture and sale of attachments for Special-Purpose Machines


Reschke Rus's mining division has built a solid reputation by delivering material innovations and providing reliable customer service to the hard rock mining industry. With the capacity to built attachments for all classes of machine up to 400 tons, Reschke Rus is well positioned to supply your operation with state of the art loading systems for any mining environment.

Out technical team can tailor any solution you require from a vast store of draings and specifications from all over the mining sector Reschke Rus uses FEA (Finite Element Analytsis) to design and stress test our attachments.

Wide range of additional tools available

Our advantages - advanced technologies and extensive experiece

Company "Reschke Rus" chooses only the best materials:

  • proven quality welding machines ESAB Orig Mag 510
  • welding wires of the European company ESAB
  • welding gas Oerlikon, consisting of 82% of СО and 18% of argon

  • Highly qualified welders and welding engineers are always up to date with the latest technologies and developments in industrial development.
  • Employees regularly participate in trainings conducted by SSAB from Sweden and ESAB from Germany for further training.

In the manufacture of attachments for quarry and mining machines, we cooperate with the following organizations, our partners:

Reschke exclusive dealer for VTN attachments and demolition tools in Russia!
The strategical partnership started end 2018 and now resulted in the exclusive delaership for VTN products in Russia. Reschke provide ...
Bucket for 600 degrees hot slag for CATERPILLAR 988 K

4000 mm wide, 6,8 cbm volume, heavily reinforced for toughest possible application!

2019 ends successful - and romantically

In our production not only sparks from metal welding and cutting fly, but also sparks of love.

Reschke Rus - made with love.

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