Manufacture and sale of attachments for Special-Purpose Machines

Work tools and attachments for excavators


1. Sophisticated, tested, experienced german engineering! RESCHKE engineers have found perfect balance between floor lenght, bucket depth and opening size!

2. Ability and willingness to produce up to 1,5 cbm buckets within 24 hours! Our flexibility and reliability is unrivaled!

3. RESCHKE offers a wide range of solutions which meet most common customer requirements and parallel develop customized solutions for specific projects.

4. RESCHKE buckets are perfectly balanced to your excavators so you can take on heaping loads without compromising fuel efficiency or machine health. Our edge configuration, tooth count and tooth spacing allow our buckets to dig deeper in less time and bucket design helps draw in material as you work.

5. Professionalism and experience! Highly qualified staff, state-of-the art technologies in the design and manufacturing processes and an innovative quality management system guarantee high-quality attachments delivered on time.

6. Since over 35 years, RESCHKE develops, designs and produces buckets!

Reschke exclusive dealer for VTN attachments and demolition tools in Russia!
The strategical partnership started end 2018 and now resulted in the exclusive delaership for VTN products in Russia. Reschke provide ...
Bucket for 600 degrees hot slag for CATERPILLAR 988 K

4000 mm wide, 6,8 cbm volume, heavily reinforced for toughest possible application!

2019 ends successful - and romantically

In our production not only sparks from metal welding and cutting fly, but also sparks of love.

Reschke Rus - made with love.

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