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«Hardox In My Body»

Company RESCHKE officially received the status of a participant in the international program "Hardox In My Body". This program is intended for selected customers of the world leader in the production of high-strength steels - SSAB (Sweden). From now on, the badge "Hardox In My Body" on RESCHKE equipment means that we use high-quality material in the production of our products, and SSAB is confident that products made from Hardox sheets are manufactured without loss of unique characteristics of steel.

For our customers and partners the status of "Hardox in My Body" is a guarantee of the quality of products of international level. For us, the certificate for the right to use the trademark "Hardox in My Body" is not only a transition to a new level of development, but also the highest degree of confidence from the world-recognized leader, SSAB (Sweden).

Why Hardox? Why SSAB?

"Hardox is an expensive material, why should I spend more?"

Yes, there are cheaper materials on the market, but is it reasonable to compare the service life of the equipment with the price difference of attachments!

What distinguishes Hardox from others?

Hardox has proved that it is the world's cleanest high-alloy steel, the advantages of which we recognize as a result::

  • Less risk of subtle microcracks (the most dangerous variant of cracks);
  • Hardox is the most "pure" steel in comparison with analogues, without impurities: smoother welding, repeat of high quality cutting, bending, milling;
  • Smooth molecular structure due to the smallest proportion of harmful components;
  • Increased productivity in extreme conditions, such as work at temperatures minus 50, treatment of acidic materials, etc.

Hardox steel has a minimum tolerance range in terms of hardness, thickness, and cleanliness..

  • Due to its hardness, it can withstand strong impacts without deformation;
  • The hardness of the steel surface is the deepest and most stable in comparison with all other steel mills;
  • In "reality" Hardox always show themselves better than described in any product or material brochure.

SSAB is constantly evolving and expanding. Why is this important to you? Benefits:

  • Hardox has been tested and optimized for more than 40 years. We present the results of many years of research and development;
  • SSAB provides a high-quality product line: from wear-resistant to high stresses to high-temperature steels;
  • RESCHKE and Hardox constantly cooperate in steel processing, wear parts, stress analysis equipment and many others;
  • Specialists of RESCHKE are regularly trained by the SSAB masters. Always up to date with the latest news and events.

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