Manufacture and sale of attachments for Special-Purpose Machines
8 AM - 6 PM
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First 10 tilting ditch cleaning buckets for John Deere 260
2400 mm, 1250 liters, HARDOX 450 bottom, cylinders designed with metal piston rod protection for intensive operations. The slightly higher f...
Universal Quick Coupler for VOLVO EC 950 E!
RESCHKE engineers developed a unique pin-grap quick coupler for VOLVO EC 950 E. Equipped with several safety mechanisms, the coupler is able to gra...
HITACHI EX 3600 with 23 cbm succesfully put into operation!
8000 kilometers away, the face shovel handled first few thousand cubic meters. Equipped with CQMS cast lip, penetration and loading capabilities op...

Why do clients choose our products?

30-year experience
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1-year warranty
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The time of manufacture is
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Individual approach
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Work Tools and Attachments for Excavators

Reschke is able to design, manufacture, and sell around the world a full range of buckets, which are able to meet the most common customer needs, as well as the development of custom solutions for specific requirements.

Produced with deep knowledge and use of various types of special steel, HARDOX® 450/500, these buckets are characterized by high wear resistance, durability, and long operational lifespan.

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